Ideas of places for an amazing photo session

I often hear: "...but my house isn't very nice for a photo session, shall we go to the park instead?".

But the truth is: there are so many nice places we could be exploring for a photo session...

I mean, of courses parks are great! And we are so blessed here in London with so many stunning options all year round. But what I just don't think we should be limiting our choices. So here are just some ideas for you to start thinking and maybe planning your next session:

1 - Lets start simple: In your house! Why not?

Don't worry if you think you house is too small or not that photogenic, all we need is a spot close to the windows with good entrance of natural light for a good indoors shooting. Using our creativity, we can do so many different things that in the end you won't even believe it was made in your house. One of the best things about photographing in the comfort of your home is that you will feel more at ease, with less people looking at you :) And we can capture more intimate moments of you with your family, or moments of confidence and self love when you are own your own in front of the lenses. We can put some music, light up candles, have a coffee (or wine) in between each photo for you to relax... It can be magical!

Those images below were made at the very same spot in the client's house:

2 - London's "hidden" public places

I'm forever going around London and discovering those photogenic spots that sometimes is forgotten. I do have a list of all my favourite places and love to share and discuss this ideas with clients.

From outdoors, with a view, inside a cafe, it will all depend on the photo session style and client's personality.

3 - Private spaces

Depending on your budget and wishes, its alway good to consider hiring a space to do your dream session.

From a beautiful and well decorated house, or a more authentic space, a penthouse or a simple studio, we can have a very interesting place for as low as £50 extra for the session. So don't feel afraid to ask for suggestions :)

And there are so many more that we could be exploring together.

It all depends on your style. The important thing is not to limit your options :)

Let me know here what would be your dream location for a photo session. I would love to hear❤️

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