Newborn sessions

Out little peanuts won't be that little for too long.  We start building memories with them from the very first time we touch their skin. For us parents, some of those memories will be with us forever. But what about our babies? Have you ever thought how important it will be for them to see images of their first hours, days, weeks in this new world? How mum used to feed them? How dad used to smile at them? How tiny their feet were? But most importantly, how happy the family was with their arrival?
As a family & baby photographer, I have a gentle and natural approach giving you the opportunity to simply enjoy moments of love and care with your family - things that we don't always have time to do in our busy parenting lives, while I capture those magical and true moments of love, so you can hang on the wall or keep in a beautiful album for your child to see in the future and for you to go back to it every time you need to recharge your infinite parent's batteries. 

That is the reason I do not photograph babies on their own (of course I do a couple of shots), as I like to think of what they will want to see from the things they cannot remember. And I'm sure that if they could choose, it would be images of the family's emotion on that special day.