Who should we be photographing for?

One of the main reasons I became a photographer was the desire to offer to other mothers the opportunity to freeze some very silly but beautiful, meaningful and intimate moments between a mother and a child.

I remember the first year of maternity when I was a full time mum. My little one was my only company during the day and I remember thinking how I wished there was someone taking photos of moments when we were playing together, dancing together, cooking, cuddling in bed, taking naps, reading books. Or those breathtaking moments when I was breastfeeding and he was playing with my hair, looking me in the eye (lost count of how many times I cried over those moments).

I am sure I will never forget it!. They will be forever in my heart and memory. But how will it be when my son is older and wonder how our relationship was?

I mean, if I’m still around, I can and will tell him all about it. But it will just be extra special if I’m actually able to show him moments like this, frozen in time. And after I’m gone, my “memories” will be with him forever.

So, this is what drives my passion for photography. And I want to be able to do it for other mothers and fathers and other children as much as possible.

Yes, I love photographing kids on their own, or shooting a family at sunset. They all have their beauty in it. But intimate moments like this are priceless and give me goosebumps ALL.THE.TIME!

Have you ever thought about photography in this way?

“What if my kids do not behave or don't want to be helpful during the photo shoot”?

This is one of the most asked questions. And the answer is simply relax and trust your photographer!

No, kids are not supposed to be in a different behaviour than they normally are. They are kids and we want to photograph their authentic selves. We want them to be cheeky, or shy, or serious, if that's their personalities. And to play freely, of course. That is the only way they will relax and after a time let me be part of their games. That’s when we start to become friends and I will be able to capture natural moments.

I never ask clients to look at the camera and pose. But simply chat with each other and with me. Play with your kids and maybe you will even forget I’m there. At the same time, I never leave them hanging so they do not feel uncomfortable not knowing where to place their hands or what to do next. I guide them, gently, slowly.

Remember: Yes, you want this photo for you, to hang on a wall, to put in the family album, to send to grandparents. But is for your kids that you should be photographing. In the future they will treasure these images more than you think. Wouldn't you?

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