Family Lifestyle  - Indoors

Imagine you could have a lovely couple of hours with your little one(s), doing everything you like to do together at home. And then I would be there guiding you without interfering too much, and always respecting your lifestyle and personalities. Working with you to capture that unique moment when you looked to each other with so much love, or when you made a joke and everybody laughed so hard, or you all hugged each other and wished that moment would last forever.  Or even, if you wish to capture very intimate moments during bath or bedtime.
Well, we can make it last not just in your memory, but also in a beautiful portrait. 

I will offer you suggestions and examples on what to wear and if you feel like treating yourself with some new clothing, I can assist you with tips on where to find the perfect outfit. But the important is for the whole family to feel comfortable, wearing whatever you feel happy with. The session is yours! The moments captured will be memories for your whole life, so you should have fun and enjoy the whole session. 

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