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I'm Renata! Born and raised in Brazil, living in London for over 6 years which I proudly call my home. I'm a very dedicated mother to a lovely toddler and love talking about delights and challenges of motherhood on social media and with my clients (who very often I prefer to call friends). 

My star sign is Virgo (if you believe in those things), which I often use to explain why I'm so sensitive and dedicated to everything I commit to. That is probably why I'm a perfectionist too.

Photography for me is much more than my work. It's my passion, my hobby, and it is how I love to express my feelings, the way I see people, relationships, motherhood and love. My background though is in Tourism with over 12 years of experience as a Travel Agent. I did travel around the world thanks to my profession and it was great, but  I needed a career change.


I became a mother in 2019 and dedicated that whole year to motherhood. I loved and enjoyed this period to bits and appreciated every single moment with my little one. It is so precious that I started to wonder (more like a wish, really) how it would be if I had someone photographing us during the most ordinary moments of our daily routine. It was when I realised that this was it! I should focus my passion on photographing other mums and their families that just like me, value every single spontaneous (nothing forced or fake

Photo by Cris Santoro


posing) hug, kiss, smile and moment with their kids.  And the way I see it, the photos I take can be really important to the parents but it will be infinitely more precious to their kids in the future. For them to look at the images and feel that very special moment in the past with all their hearts. A way for them to truly know how loved they were, how their parents used to take care of them. And being a mother helps me not just to understand the magic, the beauty and the importance of those moments, but also to have a good eye for them. To be patient and wait for them to happen as they always do.

It was also through photography that I found a way to see myself (and to be seen) more than the great mother I am. I believe that is a challenge most mothers struggle with - to be seen as wonderful women too. That is why I also love to photograph other mums and show them how I see their strength, their beauty. 

Natural light is my best friend. And every photo shoot I do, I do with all my heart, observing every moment with a very sensitive eye, to show people the way I see them.

I love getting to know more people and chat. So do not hesitate in contacting me If you have any questions,
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