Documentary Family

Documentary family photography is about preserving the story and personalities of your family.  In this kind of photography no one is posed or directed. There is no need for you to ask your kids to be in their best behaviour or to use the clothes they don't like. It is all about honest moments. Kids being kids, parents being parents.
Its like having a hidden camera in your house and you being able to be your true selves. 
For this photo shoot, the more time I spend in your house, the more you and your kids will get comfortable with me, that means more natural and beautiful photos of true moments.

You can choose between:

"Full day in the life", meaning you will have me for up to 12h in your house. Don't worry, I promise you that by the time we've reached 2h you will start forgetting I'm there and will be able to get going with your normal life. The rest is with me. 
In this session you can even chose to go outside, to your favourite park, or to visit someone, or just hang out in the house. The important thing is to get going with your normal routine as if I wasn't there.
"Half a day in the life" meaning up to 4h of me in your house capturing some of the moments of your morning or afternoon routine.  Because we will have less time in this session, you will have to choose your favourite moments.